SED graduate progress, Lawrence Mkhize

The Socio-Economic Development (SED) programme has presented an opportunity for me to gain first hand work experience on a project in Ixopo.  This experience will improve my marketability in the near future and also establish me in my career.

I am being mentored by experienced colleagues at the office and on site, verifying the equipment that has been installed to confirm that what is in the bill of quantities has been installed in order to certify contractor payment. We also provided advice on what has been installed incorrectly and needs to be changed.  This was done by taking measurements, visual observations, calculations and forecasting the amount of the final bill.

The SED programme is a good platform for young graduates to be introduced to the working environment and to eventually become competent engineers. The programme has provided wonderful experiences in that I get to travel, have fun at work and meet with other engineers that help in broadening my understanding of my career path.

Lawrence Mkhize
NDip: Electrical

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