Reflections Of An SED Student, Kimendree Naidoo

Kimendree NaidooKimendree Naidoo leaves Bosch Ulwazi for a new opportunity in Johannesburg after completing one year as a Bosch Projects’ SED student.  Kimendree reflects on her time with us:

“I joined Bosch Ulwazi’s Engineer-In-Training programme in 2013 and I believe that the knowledge I have gained over the past year will play an instrumental role in my development as an engineer. From day one I was exposed to the vast world of electrical engineering, while being given challenges which ranged from the small power and lighting design of a school to the electrical reticulation of a residential area. I was given the opportunity to put the knowledge acquired at university to use as well as expand that knowledge base by learning from the experienced engineers at Bosch. I was also given the opportunity to work on multi-discipline projects where I attained an understanding of how the scope of work in the various disciplines will impact each other.

Being on the Engineer in Training programme, I was required to do a presentation on a project at the Bosch Ulwazi Annual EIT Conference. The conference helped me gain insight into the type of work that my fellow EITs were involved in and it was refreshing to see how passionate these young engineers were about their work. The presentations were especially interesting since the EITs were of various disciplines and this emphasised how diverse the engineering industry is.

During my time with Bosch Ulwazi I was given the opportunity to attend various training courses through which I gained an advanced understanding of various engineering concepts related to my work area. Bosch Ulwazi not only encouraged technical courses but also seminars and conferences that aided in personal development such as the Women in Engineering Symposium which helps empower women in the engineering sector.

5Throughout the EIT programme, the people that I have worked and interacted with were always more than willing to share their knowledge and answer my numerous questions. I was given the support required for both my professional and personal development and I look forward to building on the engineering foundation that I have acquired during my year on the Bosch Ulwazi Engineer in Training programme.”

Bosch Ulwazi takes this opportunity to wish Kimendree well in her future endeavours.

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