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Introduction of Small Scale Waste-to-Energy Technology to South Africa

This project will introduce a small-scale digestion technology for stand-alone application in municipalities, businesses, hospitals, hotels and other multiple small-scale waste producers throughout South Africa. The implementation team consists of Bosch Ulwazi, Bosch Capital, Bosch Projects, The Waste Transformers (Holland) (TWT) and Dube Trade Port.

The aim of this project is to demonstrate to small-scale waste producers, how their own organic waste can power their future green growth. Together with the demonstration of the technology, the partners will introduce a “business-in- a-box” concept for replication of the technology through local emerging enterprises and entrepreneurs. The biogas installations will improve current waste management approaches and contribute to the generation of an increased amount of renewable energy available in South Africa. It will create a positive impact on job creation, significantly develop local know-how, diversify the income earning possibilities of local entrepreneurs and stimulate the realisation of a green economy in the country. The project will cooperate with various SMMEs, knowledge institutions and NGOs to propel the broadbased application of this technology.

Bosch Ulwazi will identify entrepreneurs to participate in a business development programme, equipping them with skills to run a successful and sustainable business going forward.

The technical development aspects will be provided by TWT and Bosch Ulwazi will be responsible for mentoring services for a further 12 months.

The Waste Transformers will provide the technology, equipment and funding for the project, with Bosch Capital assisting in setting up the revolving fund to provide the financial support for future projects.

Bosch Projects will offer technical and localised project management services and Dube Tradeport will make a site available for the equipment, provide assistance and support for the implementation of the project. The official launch of this project took place in Gauteng on the 16th September 2015 with the Ambassadors and dignitaries attending from Holland and South Africa.

From left: Mike Gibbon (Bosch Holdings), Jarred Roberts (Bosch Capital), William Yeo (Bosch Projects), Balan Govender (Bosch Ulwazi), Lara van Dutten (TWT), Butch Carr (Bosch Projects) and Guillermo Schneeberger (TWT).

From left: Mike Gibbon (Bosch Holdings), Jarred Roberts (Bosch Capital), William Yeo (Bosch Projects), Balan Govender (Bosch
Ulwazi), Lara van Dutten (TWT), Butch Carr (Bosch Projects) and Guillermo Schneeberger (TWT).

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