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EIT Progress Report – Charles Raaff

I completed my studies at UKZN in 2012 and joined Bosch Projects as an Engineer-In-Training (EIT) in 2013.

The first part of my training in February 2013 entailed spending 3 months at DUYS Engineering learning the basics of fitting, turning, welding, bending and general fabrication techniques. In June 2013, I was assigned to the Mondi Richards Bay 3rd Steam Turbine Project.  I spent 6 months on site and was given the responsibility of overseeing the mechanical installations and commissioning of the various systems. This was a great learning curve for me, especially from a project management and resource management perspective.

Early 2014 I was given the opportunity to do some R&D work for Bosch Projects Sugar Equipment. I was given the task of performing finite element analyses on a new cane preparation equipment design as well as reheater tubes. The analyses were completed successfully, and prototypes of these two items should be completed shortly. The next stage in this R&D work is physical testing and subsequent design refinements, which I am looking forward to seeing theoretical designs materialize into a working device.

Currently, I am assigned to an expansion project. I have been allocated the tanks, pumps, lime plant upgrade, AIA inspections, ethanol plant cooling towers and ethanol compressed air mechanical packages. This project should give me extensive project exposure right from conceptual design phases through to commissioning and handover stages. It also allows me to gain international project exposure.

Charles Raaff

BSc Mech. Eng.
2nd Year Mechanical EIT

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