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Development & Improvement of Engineering Skills Throughout Africa

Welcome to Bosch Ulwazi

Bosch Ulwazi facilitates the development and improvement of engineering skills and businesses throughout Africa by providing solutions for Engineer Development, Technical Training, Supplier / Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development.

Through these services, Bosch Ulwazi can assist companies who are looking to develop their human resources and raise their transformation and corporate social responsibility profiles.


2019 Engineer in Training Conference

The 2019 Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Conference was held in Durban recently. At this annual event, graduates were given an interactive platform to showcase their knowledge and skills they have acquired from projects they have worked on during the year. This year’s winner was Aury Livingstone, for his presentation on “Thinking big...


Bosch Ulwazi assisting enterprise development companies with social media training

Bosch Ulwazi recently designed a training programme for their enterprise development companies.  This programme was to help these companies improve their businesses through the influence of online marketing.  The session was on social media focusing on LinkedIn. This social media platform is geared for professionals and helps companies build and engage...


Celebrating Mandela Day 2019

In line with our purpose, of creating a positive lasting difference, the Bosch Holdings group participated in various Mandela Day initiatives. Food and clothing were donated to non-profit organisations across Kwa-Zulu Natal, including Vision 153, the Dennis Hurley Centre, and the Wellness Centre Trust.  New toys were also purchased for...

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